How your donations impact  West Michigan

When you invest in WMVR (West Michigan Veterans Ranch) we use 100% of your gift to help veterans in need. Below are some examples of how WMVR assists veterans and what that looks like:

  1. Direct Veteran Aid: This is where the money is spent on things the veteran needs directly. An example of this would be building an ADA accessible ramp to their home.

  2. Event Advertising: Due to the increasing needs of our countries veterans, waiting for donations to come to us just isn't enough. We are constantly holding events and fundraisers to grow the amount of support we're able to provide.

  3. Marketing & Advertising/Event Materials: Getting our name out there is crucial to being able to keep receiving donations, so things such as our website, flyers, renting space for events, and all the other small purchases that allow us to continue to grow.

In summary, we are still small enough that absolutely none of the donations we receive are used for salary.  Here at the WMVR, we are proud to say we are an all-volunteer organization and that no one receives any money for their services or time. Everything we do is done on our own time and of our own free will. We do hope that one day we are large enough to require having to pay someone for fulltime upkeep of the ranch. This will allow us to solely focus on helping veterans, so that one day our dream can come true and the 22 Veteran suicides a day is no longer an issue as even one is one too many.